This is the ideal hotel for those who visit our country for tourism or business.

We offer a welcoming and ideal stay for those who after sightseeing or having a business journey, want to enjoy a quiet and safe environment. Our hotel is also centrally located in the beautiful city of Lima.

We are located just 5 minutes from the tourist center of Miraflores, in the most exclusive, business, residential and tourist area. Near the commercial and banking area, as well as restaurants, pharmacies, cinemas, supermarkets and entertainment places. Also is just 20 minutes from the historical downtown of Lima.


To be leaders in accommodation and comfort services in the local and national tourism market, that responds to the strictest demands of clients and to promote in the country the good service quality meeting our guests expectations.


Miraflores Suites Centro will be in charge of providing a quality service, with a committed team to the continuous improvement using a modern style of comfort to meet our customer’s needs.


Our commitment at Hotel Miraflores Suites Centro, is manifested through our staff, who are highly qualified and committed to the welfare and satisfaction of each of our guests.

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  • Perseverance: We always seek to achieve the proposed objectives. We find solutions to problems that may arise. In this sense, the most important thing is to define the goal and work with perseverance without fear of failure.
  • Initiative: We promote the initiative through the development of creative and bold actions and generate continuous improvements in all processes.
  • Confidence: All our employees exercise their duties responsibly, acting with rectitude and honesty.
  • Honestidad: Cada trabajador debe de ejecutar sus actos con un proceder íntegro y un elevado sentido de responsabilidad, destacando el profesionalismo.
  • TeamWork: Team members must understand the goals we seek as an organization and perform a conscious work. A harmonious workflow is important to promote efficient and effective actions. The development of the functions should flow naturally, consistently and be easy to understand.